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Why go with the Liftmaster garage door opener?

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The Liftmaster garage door opener, specifically the Liftmaster 3585 model is definitely one of the best of its kind on the market today! If you are asking yourself why, then you will have the answer shortly. This door is very different from others because it has some special features that will make you look totally different at garage door openers after you will use it.

If you are the proud owner of a home and you also have a room that is above your garage, this door opener will truly be a great acquisition as it will drastically reduce the noise levels and you won’t hear much when using it. That is solely because of the fact the motor it comes packed with was specifically designed to reduce noise.

If you have a very expensive car and you are worried about the security, you should not be worrying about it from now on. Why? For this door has a security system incorporated which will allow you to create passwords directly on the power head and yet another great feature it comes with is an enclosed “gear case” What does this mean? This means that it will ensure your gears will be continuously lubricated. This is a very important process that you will not find to come as a default with other garage door openers and many of them just fail because of the fact the wheels aren’t properly lubricated.

Another thing that sets it apart from others of its kind is the automatic lighting system. This uses a motion sensor detector which will detect whether you are around or not and if it detects you the lights will be turned on. This is very useful when you come home at night and you will not have to worry about hitting something any more as you will see everything around you.

If you want to have the lights last for a certain period of time, no one has a problem with that. You will be able to program them from timeframes as low as 1.5 minutes and as high as 4.5 minutes. This is just enough time to park your car, sip a quick coffee and leave.

Another great thing it features is the protector system. How this actually works is that it detects if anything is there blocking your garage doors when they are closing and thus they will just stop and open in full.

The extended range of the remote is also a cool thing. This will be useful when you are at a greater distance from your garage doors so you will not have to get out of your car and push the button, like it is the case with other garage doors out there on the market.

The remote has a special lighting system and when you will reach your hand for it to press a button it will automatically light them up so that you can see which button you want to press better. These features are the ones that make the Liftmaster garage door opener the best money can buy!

Lifemaster garage door opener Tip 1: Make sure you have a garage that needs doors. Choose your door according to your garage needs.

Lifemaster garage door opener Tip 2: Choose a reliable retailer. You may choose a popular one which provides a variety of products.

Lifemaster garage door opener Tip 3: Ask an expert for installation and not your friendly neighbor