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Should You Get Wood Storm Doors?

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It is one thing to decide to get storm doors fitted to your home. But it’s another thing altogether todecide which type of doors to go for. Wood storm doors are the originals with regard to the range of materials youhave to choose from. But even though there are other materials to go for today, many people still enjoy the lookand feel of real wood. The question is whether they will be suitable for you.

How will wood storm doors look when installed in your home?

Wooden doors look stunning when they are properly installed. They look good on all kinds of differentproperties and they also provide you with a very natural looking finish to complete the exterior of yourhome.

You also have the added advantage of being able to choose the color of your doors. You can paint themwhatever color you wish so that they fit in with the rest of the exterior of your home. Alternatively you couldstain them for a more natural finish. It’s completely up to you.

Are you ready for the responsibility of the upkeep of the doors?

While the ability to paint the doors whatever color you wish is a good thing, you also have the downsideof needing to do this on a regular basis. If you don’t, you will end up with storm doors that do not last as longas they should.

Make sure you keep an eye on the condition of the doors and as soon as you notice they need repainting,make time to do it. In particular you should focus on making sure they are in good condition before any bout of badweather approaches. If you need to repaint them make sure you do it in good time before winter, forexample.

Go for thicker doors if you can to provide further protection

You will soon notice that wood storm doors come in various thicknesses. As you might expect, the pricewill increase with the thickness of the doors, although you can look forward to better protection if you do go fora bigger thickness.

The other advantage of opting for thicker wooden doors is that you can have glass panels installed insteadof mesh. Again this provides a door that is stronger and better able to withstand the weather. Rain will go throughthe mesh and onto your front door, whereas a storm door with a glass panel installed will provide adequateprotection against all manner of weather conditions.

You can see that there is a lot to think about before you decide whether or not to get wooden storm doors.They can be a valuable and attractive addition to your home, but you must be prepared to tackle the occasionalupkeep they will require. If you are willing to do this you will be rewarded with good quality wood storm doorsthat will last for many years to come. Doesn’t that sound like something worth having?

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