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Linear Garage Door Openers: Built to Last

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When it comes to your garage door opener, you want one that will last as long as your garage door. Many of today’s openers are not well made and need replacing every couple of years. You want a quality product, but you also want one that offers you security for you and your family. Linear garage door openers offer the best quality for your money.

Choosing the Right Linear Garage Door Opener

You could open your garage door manually each time, but why would you want to? Over three million people buy a garage door opener each year. There are several things you want to consider before you buy an opener, including reliability, cost, safety, and noise. While you might not have considered the noise level, if you have an office or an apartment above the garage, you will want a very quiet garage door opener.

You will want to compare the mechanisms used in garage doors. Chain drives are usually very noisy since there is a metal chain pulled along the metal trolley. The latest models use a type of plastic-lined track that helps to reduce the noise from metal-to-metal contact. It also helps the door open faster. The quietest type of garage door opener is a belt drive. The rubber belts are flexible and these belts reduce vibrations and noise.

Compare the motors, as well. A DC motor opener uses less energy and you can control the speed. It also lets the door open and shut quietly, which can get rid of the loud clanking noise. It starts slowly, speeds up, and then slows down so the door shuts quietly. The best motors are usually ½ to ¾ horsepower, especially if you have a heavy door. The normal life speed should be about seven inches or so per second.

Safety should also be of the utmost concern. The automatic reverse feature is a must with any garage door opener. If a child is playing underneath the door and the door touches something, the door will automatically go up. For the security of your family, you will also want a garage door opener that will use a different code – a rolling code – each time the door is used. There are also additional features, especially with Linear garage door openers, that can control the lights in the garage or even appliances and lights in the house.

You can buy an opener from a dealer and install it yourself or you can pay someone to install it for you. Most of today’s openers have two remotes. You might also want to include a wireless keypad, just in case you can’t find the remote or the battery dies.

Why Choose Linear Garage Door Openers

Linear has over 40 years experience in the garage door industry. You can trust Linear garage door openers to perform as expected and last for many years. There are a number of different models available, as well as those with additional features. Don’t waste your money on anything besides a Linear garage door opener. These are truly the best that money can buy and when your family’s safety and security is at stake, a discount model simply won’t do.

Linear Garage Door Openers Tip #1

Purchase and install an emergency release kit for your garage door. If you don’t have such an option, you may not be able to move your door if the electricity goes off.

Linear Garage Door Openers Tip #2

If your garage door opener doesn’t work, check to make sure the electric eyes are lined up. Do not disconnect them, as they are a safety feature mandated by Federal Law. If they are lined up and the door still won’t open, then the problem is elsewhere.

Linear Garage Door Openers Tip #3

If your remote does not work for your garage door opener, then try to replace the batteries. If it still doesn’t work, try to reset the code. If you still are not having any luck, then you can purchase replacement remotes online or through a dealer.