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Most of us have seen how electric garage doors work. You drive up to your garage, click a button on yourkey fob and wait for the doors to open. Once they’re fully opened you drive in and then shut the door behind you –all without getting out of your car.

If this sounds like the perfect way to get your car into the garage you’d be right. But how safe are thesedoors? Is there any chance of them opening when you don’t want them to, or coming down to close when someone orsomething is blocking their path? It’s natural to have some questions about how safe they are if you areconsidering getting them fitted to your own garage, so let’s tackle those questions now.

Will they keep on coming down if someone happens to fall or trip in their path?

This is probably the worry that is uppermost in our minds. We’ve all seen those horror films where someonegets caught in the path of the garage door and it keeps on coming right down with horrific results.

Thankfully real life isn’t as deadly as this. Electric garage doors are always fitted with a sensor thattells the door whether it is safe to roll all the way down or not. If it senses an obstruction it will stop in itstracks, leaving you with no worries about whether it is safe to use these doors or not. Just be sure you test thefeature on a regular basis by putting an object in its path. If the safety feature doesn’t work make sure you getit fixed as soon as possible. In addition, don’t be tempted to use it in the meantime.

Could they open of their own volition?

No – they are designed only to be opened by entering a code in a keypad (one the whole family should know)or by using a remote button. When you install the doors they should be fully tested to ensure you know how theywork and to make sure they are indeed working properly. Any issues at this early stage should be taken up with thesupplier, but in most cases they will be installed easily and simply without any issues at all.

Remember to get the door installed professionally if you are not confident enough to do ityourself

There is always the chance that getting the doors installed by an amateur can lead to an accident.Incorrectly fitted electric garage doors can certainly be dangerous, but this would be the fault of the person whofitted them, not of the doors themselves.

Ensure that you don’t try and skimp on fitting costs by doing it yourself if you know you don’t have theskills to complete the job. Electric doors include header brackets, counterbalance springs and many other importantparts. They must all be installed properly and tested to ensure they work before the door is used. As you can see,electric garage doors can be a wonderful addition to any home providing that proper safety measures aretaken. 

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