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When it comes to garage door springs, they are usually the only ones that will support the weight of your garage door. In time as you will use your garage doors, the springs will be loosening, tightening and stretching under the pressure of the doors as they will close and open thousands of times. So in this case, you will most certainly be aware of the fact that one day those springs will collapse and that they will have to be replaced. So assuming that you are already facing this situation, what do you think would be the most appropriate solution to consider?

First of all, you will have to remove your car from the garage and if you are mumbling about this saying to yourself that if you were able to do this then you would not even have a problem to begin with, you should acknowledge that this is just your frustration speaking and you should try to relax. If your door’s springs have been busted, that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to have it removed and reach inside. Remember that even though you have to face this situation, most garage doors have also been designed to be operated manually, so you won’t have any troubles getting things on the right track if you just calm down.

Now, you will need to have your springs identified. They can come in 2 types, one is the torsion and the other is the extension spring. They will have your 300 pounds door balanced so that its total weight will be rendered neutral, thus it will be a breeze to have it operated.

The difference between a torsion spring and an extension spring is that the torsion spring will run across a bar found inside the door, at the top. This spring is known to be under a lot of tension and it will easily wear down. The garage door is lifted using this spring.

When it comes to the extension spring, they will always be located at the sides of the door. When the door is to be lowered, they will act similar to big steel rubber bands, and thus will stretch when the door will be lowered down.

Now it’s time to consider a good retailer to buy new springs for your garage door openers and I bet that you won’t want to replace only those two, but the entire spring collection of your doors, to make sure everything is new and that it won’t fail you again soon. If you are greedy you might not decide to replace them all and thus you will be faced with a new failure very soon.

After measuring the springs you will need to replace, just go ahead to your cheapest retailer and have them acquired.

When it comes to the installation process, most people will find it to be too complicated and they will ask help from professionals. You should also do that if you don’t know how to properly install your garage door springs.

Garage door springs Tip 1: Calm down. Choose your product carefully. You should consider all the pros and cons for each model.

Garage door springs Tip 2: Buy new springs from any reliable retailer. This will ensure the quality of the product.

Garage door springs Tip 3: Call an expert to install them. Thus, you may save your time from this messy process.