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Dealing with your garage door parts

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One of the most used garage door parts of your property is the garage door. This means that every day you are going to work the garage door will be subject to tensions and forces that will eventually render its parts weaker in time and of course, most of them will have to be replaced at some point. But there are many parts that are used when constructing a garage door so buying those parts will prove to also cost a few extra bucks you won’t be too happy spending. So let’s take a look first at the parts that are most common in a garage door and that will fail mostly.

Cables, Drums and Pulleys

These are the parts of the garage door that are always “on the move” and in time they are among the first ones to have the highest degree of weariness. The drums are useful when it comes to rolling the chains or the cables of the garage door down or up whenever the door is closing or opening. If certain debris materials like rock, dead birds or other animals get stuck on them they will also stop working. But nevertheless, the drums are some of the most durable parts of a garage door and they are the only ones to show the least amount of tear if taken care of properly.

But when it comes to cables we can’t state the same thing about them. They have one of the highest degrees of wear and tear because they have to deal with the full weight of the doors whenever it is closed or opened. The pulleys also carry that extra load and will also wear off eventually due to the stress they are being put through.


When it comes to springs we are actually talking about 2 types of springs that are used in such mechanisms, one is the torsion spring and the other is the extension spring. So each type of spring is assigned a different workload and that is exactly the process of having the spring chosen for this type of door: by the type of the load. From all of the pieces that are used to constructing a garage door, the springs are always the first ones to fail, thus they will need either good maintenance or if that is not possible, they will need to be replaced a lot of times. Even though they aren’t as expensive as other parts of the doors, having to deal with them is something no one wishes to do.

Finally, the hinges

Hinges are used in most of the garage doors nowadays. Even though they are attached to your house, the hinges are still to be properly taken care of, thus you will need to lubricate them properly and clean the dirt or other materials that will harden their usage.

Remember, if you need garage door parts just ask a handy man to give you good advice on those or just go online and find some good websites supplying them. If you need help to have them installed, call an expert.

Garage door parts Tip 1: Check your parts quality after every 2 months. Determine which garage parts need replacement.

Garage door parts Tip 2: Find a reliable supplier that has a good reputation.

Garage door parts Tip 3: Call an expert to have them installed. Thus, you will be free from this hectic process.