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Choosing the Genie garage door openers

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Garages are used by many people nowadays to have their cars protected from various damages that the environment can cause: scratching, denting, staining and even smashing your car by having large boulders flipping off a cliff right in the back of your car. Well at least that landed in your trunk and not your head! If you are one of those people that really want to have his car protected at all costs, because it’s just not a regular car, but a 1.3 million dollars Bugatti Veyron Blue Centenaire, then everyone will agree with you and the fact that you need to carefully look after it and buy the things to keep it protected. Personally I own that car and I was recently curious about a new garage door so I bought a set of “Genie garage door openers” in order to have things moving a little smoother.

The purchase was very easy to handle and it did not cost me that much, and the fact that I bought it from my local home improvement shop, made the overall cost even lower. I went for the one horse power garage door opener and I was also supplied with 2 remote controls, one button to hide somewhere and also a keypad that will easily open the door for me.

The garage door that I personally bought is 8×7 feet and because I am pretty good at dealing with such pieces of equipment I decided that it would be a good idea to have the installation managed personally. That is because I am very informed and I have read many online community forums.

Thus, I had the doors unpacked. I noticed the user manual and flipped through its pages for a few minutes to make sure that I know what I am doing. After carefully checking each step I found myself working and in almost 6 hours I finally had the doors installed and ready to go.

Now I only had to test them and see if all of my hard work paid off. I got the remote, I also installed the button and I was off for my first testing. I was very impressed with the 1 HP motor which handled the opening and closing of the door impeccably. The sound produced during the operation was low and it was really pleasant to see that all of this is due to my skills.

The “Genie garage door openers” worked very well for me up until this point (2 months) and I am also very happy with the 3 years warranty I got with them.

Genie garage door openers Tip 1: Choose a trusted retailer to buy your genie garage door openers. This will ensure its quality.

Genie garage door openers Tip 2: Carefully transport them back home. Thus, you are now ready for installation.

Genie garage door openers Tip 3: Call someone who knows how to properly install them. You may do it yourself if you are an expert.