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Adjusting your Chamberlain garage door openers

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If you just bought your Chamberlain garage door openers, then you should know that you must do 4 separate adjustments for them at least once a year. Often these adjustments include checking the up and down travel limits and setting them accordingly, but you must also have the force necessary for engaging the safety mechanism adjusted. This action will be performed after you have carefully dealt with the 4 different screws that stand on the garage door opener motor head. This type of maintenance is imperative and also necessary because it will keep your garage door openers functioning at optimum levels.

1. Step one; you will need to get a sturdy ladder that you will use in order to have access to the screws that you will need to adjust for the garage opening system. Make sure that the stop bolt on the back of the rail will be set four inches from the opener trolley.

2. Now it’s time to get your remote and press the button that will trigger the doors to open. This way you will be able to have access to the screws, but don’t just throw the remote away now, as you will still need it to operate the doors.

3. Just look around carefully at this point and try to find the up and down limit screws, which are usually located at the left side of opener’s motor head. If you need to have the doors turned clockwise, just have the up limit turned up and if you want to have them moved counter-clockwise, make sure you will move the down limit in the corresponding direction, which will lower the door a little. If you will decide to perform a full screw turn, then the door will slide 2 inches. To operate the door and check the travel, you will need to have the remote with you and operate the door using it.

4. At this step you will have to have the garage door closed using the remote control and when it will close, it should be sealed to the floor. If there are problems, just take a look at the down screw again and set the limit again. If there are still problems you should focus more and have the limits dealt with more carefully.

The Up and Down Force

While dealing with this step of the process, it’s best to ask a friend to help you out. While you will be having the doors operated with the remote, he will be standing outside. When the garage doors will go up, ask him to apply some down force. This will make the doors stop as they were designed to stop when encountering any obstructions. If a great force is required to stop it, you should have the up force limit screw adjusted again.

Go to the back of the garage door opener and remove the lens cover. The up and down force adjustment screws are on the upper right side of the opener. Turn the up force screw counter-clockwise in small increments. Run the door through a cycle until it is down and then retest as before. Continue making fine-tune adjustments as necessary.

Then have your friend do the same thing, while the door will go the other way now. The door should halt for a moment and then reverse. If the door didn’t stop and reverse then you have to deal with the down force screw again. Continue experimenting with your Chamberlain garage door openers until all things are working the way you want them to work.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Tip 1: Get the ladder and remote for the garage door openers. Do the four adjustments.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Tip 2: Adjust the up and down forces. If you are not able to do it, just ask your friends or neighbor. There are many people out there for help with this matter.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Tip 3: Just do it yourself. If you have frequent use of these garage doors, it is advisable to learn to use them quickly.