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Carriage-House Garage Door Prices: A Little More Goes a Long Way!

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If you’re looking to add an old-fashioned look to your home, carriage-house garage doors are the perfect choice. Typically found on Tudor, English cottage, or French country style homes, these doors bring a distinctive beauty, but with a higher price than a traditional raised panel door. Many Homeowners, however, are spending more to make their homes beautiful. Garage door prices can vary significantly and this is especially true for carriage-house doors.

Seeing Is Believing – Or Is It?

Some of today’s most popular carriage-house garage doors are an illusion. These doors appear to open from the side, but are actually designed to operate in an upward motion. Decorative hardware that looks just like an old-fashioned strap hinge can be found on the sides and there are usually handles found in the middle of the door.All for appearances only, these garage doors bring a wonderful element to your home. While this type of door is not as expensive as a true carriage-house garage door, prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.The material the door is made of will ultimately determine the final garage door prices.

Beautiful Wood Carriage-House Garage Doors

Wood doors are usually very expensive because of the amount of time and materials needed to manufacture them.Wood garage doors will also need more maintenance than those made from other materials, such as steel, fiberglass,or vinyl. This is especially true in homes that face the west, as the doors are more exposed to the elements. For Many homeowners, though, only a real wood product will give their home the desired look. Wood carriage-house garage door prices begin around $3,000, but can go much higher for specialty sizes.

Some of the more popular collections for wood carriage-house garage doors are Clopay’s Reserve, Raynor’s American Rivers, and Amarr’s Biltmore Estates. The latter is based upon the beautiful garage doors found in Asheville, North Caroline on the historic Biltmore Estate.

Economical Alternatives

The lowest carriage-house garage door prices are attached to embossed doors. Manufacturers, such as Amarr, offer 24-gauge embossed steel garage doors. These doors have a wood-like appearance, but for about half the cost of real wood. The steel door is embossed with a wood slat look and then a cross-buck appearance is added.

In the medium price range, there are steel doors that have wood or composite overlays. These overlays are glued,nailed, or screwed on. Steel composite carriage-house garage door manufacturers, such as Clopay’s, are finding a market with builders of single-family detached homes.

A Few Other Factors to Consider

Carriage-house garage door prices are more expensive than traditional garage doors, but the aesthetic value is also much higher. These doors can add value to your home and are often one of the first things noticed by visitors. If you’re looking for something away from the ordinary, then you should consider adding carriage-house garage doors to make a beautiful statement.

Garage Door Prices Tip #1:

Steel garage doors offer more insulation than wood. If the garage doors are in an area of your property where they aren’t often seen, then consider steel over wood to save a substantial amount of money.

Garage Door Prices Tip #2:

You’ll need to consider the garage door opening mechanisms before you make your purchase. If the tracks and motors are older, you may want replace this equipment as well to ensure proper operation of your new door.

Garage Door Prices Tip #3

It’s best to have your garage door installed by a professional. This offers you two advantages. First, if your door doesn’t operate properly, the company will come fix the problem. Secondly, you want to be certain the garage door is installed correctly for you and your family’s safety.